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This is me, take it or leave it

The only thing that matters is just follow in your heart

I am by far the biggest jew you will meet.i love music, like rock and stuff i dont consider rap music, its poets gone retarted. I like any music really from My Chemical romance to The Beatles to Story of the Year. I go to camp woodstock where im gonna be an LIT this summer, and i teach sunday school, i'm on the shs crew team. I try to skateboard, snowboard and play guitar. i love acoustic guitar, i REALLY want an ovation. i played an ovation at camp, jess was there, it was awesome as hell. i am really opinionated which can cause stupid fights. I love playing the beatles on vinyl. ugh its so hot. i love the fact that my mom had good taste in music. i absolutely love connecticut's rock venue (the webster) its one of my favorite places to be. i was born july 21 1990. I love boys. I have a dream to become a child psychologist, and become so wealthy that i can buy the webster with erica ginazu and erica cross and we can run it. I have the most awesome friends in the universe they kickass and i would DIE for them. I have some pretty bitchy rivals but i think constant fighting with them is pointless.)

taking back sunday - this photograph is proof

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